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2016-2017 Officers

President: Jan Frank
Vice President: Florence Nelson
Secretary: Teresa Muir
Treasurer: Stefanie Abderhalden
Director 15-17: James Donahue
Director 15-17: Cate Hummel
Director 15-17: Katie Nielsen
Director 16-18: Lynne Krayer-Luke
Director 16-18: Julie Marcotte

Program Chair: Florence Nelson
Voting Program Co-Chair: Stephanie Lupo
Pipeline Editor: Robert Calvert
Web Chair: Stephanie Lupo
Archivist: Angela Reynolds
Corporate Sponsorship: Teresa Muir

Hospitality Chair: Hideko Amano
Masterclass Chair: Julie Marcotte
Membership Chair: Lynne Krayer-Luke
Photographer: Laura Hamm
Program Designer: Jan Frank
Publicity Chair: Stephanie Lupo
Adult Competition Chair: Katie Nielsen
Student Competition Chair: James Brinkmann
Student Competition Assistant: Stefanie Abderhalden
Volunteer Co-Coordinator: Hideko Amano
Flute Festival Chair: Florence Nelson
Financial Oversight: Ellen Huntington, Julie Marcotte