PIPELINE Newsletter

The Chicago Flute Club publishes a quarterly newsletter called the Pipeline in September, December/January, March, and June.  It contains articles written by professional flutists on topics such as our guest artists, upcoming events, pedagogical concepts, new publications, and more.

PIPELINE Advertising

The Pipeline runs paid advertisements each issue at the rate of $100 per page, $75 per half page, or $50 per quarter page. We offer a 20% discount for full-season advertising. Potential advertisers should communicate with Editor Robert B. Calvert to discuss the ad.

CFC members may advertise personal items for sale in the Pipeline. This is intended solely as a benefit to CFC members seeking to sell or buy privately owned musical instruments, books, and sheet music. Member personal ads are limited to the advertising of goods; members may not advertise services through this medium. The cost is $5 per advertisement, and advertisements may include more than one item offered for sale. There is no charge for listing stolen instruments. Advertisements will appear in one issue only, and will be printed in the earliest possible issue after receipt by the Editor.

Checks should be made payable to the Chicago Flute Club and sent to: 

Stefanie Abderhalden
6125 Leonard Avenue
Downers Grove, IL 60516

From the Editor

We welcome your input--comments, corrections, criticisms, and accolades--as well as submissions of articles that will be of interest to our flute community.

Deadlines for submitting articles and other material are July 15 for Fall, November 1 for Winter, January 15 for Spring, and April 15 for Summer.

Please contact our Pipeline Editor Robert B. Calvert with submissions. It is helpful for writers to communicate with the Editor before submitting articles to discuss potential subjects, length, and the need for illustrations.